About me

Me, Jérôme GEO Labrunerie, was born and raised in Paris in 1965.

After graduation,

I first studied German, then worked as a commercial employee.

In 1993, I moved to Munich with my family and worked for 17 years as a freelance editor on various channels.

This activity provided space for creativity and was my passion for many years.

I have a weakness for art, culture and films. My hometown Paris laid the foundation for this and offered a variety of possibilities.

Already as a child I loved to paint. In addition to portraits of artists who have accompanied me so far on my life and have influenced me, I have specialized in motifs from everyday scenes, especially the typical French life.

I use a technique that I call "à l'arraché". My pictures are based on photographs.

I intuitively capture "life-grabbing" subjects with the camera.

After selecting the photo I try with a childlike / naive look to "stage" the motif like a screenplay on the screen.

In doing so, I develop a strong bond to the motif. Using paint abundantly when painting is extremely important to me.

If I had to indicate a direction of my style, I would classify my work between impressionism and realism with a modern touch.

Since I depict everyday scenes of our time, I have given my style a self-created name: the "Impréalism".

The attraction of my pictures lies in the combination of personal expressive elements with painting techniques known from opposing styles such as impressionism or photorealism.


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